The admission Management software module manages the complete details about the students and their parents. It efficiently executes the complete admission process for both new and existing old students and thus those students are automatically treated differently based on the provided information.Admission cards can also be generated.



Tedious task of student daily attendance can be done easily.Attendance data is auto calculated by the software and can be shared easily with parents. Auto alerts(sms to parents) for the absentees to encourage them to be regular to school.


  • Overall Attendance Statement
  • Day attendance
  • Section wise Attendance Statement
  • Student wise Attendance Statement
  • Class wise attendance Statement
  • Attendance Report
  • Day attendance Report
  • Class wise report


Fee management module automatically calculates the pending fees,payment details,deduction and other concessions offered by the school. we can also generate bill / fee receipt which includes a student copy and school copy. And also it can be paid through any mode of payment such as cash/cheque/draft by student wise/class wise & section wise.


  • Fees Payment Reports
  • Fees Circular (sms)
  • Class Wise Fees Received Reports
  • Section Wise Fees Received Reports
  • Other Fees Received Reports
  • Day Wise Fees Received Reports
  • Class Wise Fees Received Reports
  • Section Wise Fees Balance Report
  • Extra Fees Added Report
  • Fees Added Report
  • Fees Added Report (Single Entry)
  • Report For a Particular Fees
  • Report For a Particular Fees (Class Wise)
  • Fees Wise Report
  • Fees Wise Report(Detaild)
  • Fees Wise Report (Headwise)
  • User Fees Wise Fees Report

Examination Management (CCE)

It helps in planning, execution, maintenance and monitoring evaluation.The examination management system has the feature of generating customized reports and helps in making the process more transparent.Allotment of pass/fail marks can also be customized. It also maintains whole and complete profiles as how many marks obtained term wise/class wise/subject wise/student wise. Automtically it enables the students total marks,min. marks for promotion.The report includes mark wise,grade wise,percentage wise,rank wise,subject wise grading.

  • Class wise Subject Master
  • Min-Max Marks Settings
  • Marks Calculation
  • Report Generation
  • Scholastic Marks Entry
  • Co-Scholastic Entry
  • Report Card (Term wise/Yearly)
  • Consolidated Mark Sheet
  • Auto Grade based on indicator selection


The School Payroll Management Software is specially designed for remuneration/payment for employees/staff. The features of School Payroll Management Software includes generation of pay slips, salary statements , professional tax statements and provident fund statements. According to the users need it can be customized.The reports can also be generated.

  • Paybill Setting
  • Salary Settings
  • Paybill Generation
  • Fixed Earnings & Deductions


  • Salary Settings Report
  • Pay Slip Generate
  • PF Payment Report
  • PayBill Report ( Month Wise)


Transport Management features includes calculation of fuel consumption,taxes information,permit renewal date,route map of each vehicle, maintance expenditure report. It is also integrated into the fee structure and accounts so that the transport charges are automatically charged from the students.

  • Vechicle Register
  • Transport Masters
  • Vechicle Alloction
  • Fees Settings
  • Stutent Alloction
  • Driver Alloction
  • Service Register
  • Log Book
  • Stock Inword Entry
  • Stock Outword Entry


  • Vechicle Alloction Reports
  • Stutent Alloction Reports
  • Service Reports (SMS)
  • Log Book Reports
  • Stock Inword Reports
  • Stock Outword Reports
  • Final Reports
  • Vehicles Renewals Reports (SMS)
  • Vehicles Reports
  • Route wise Stutent Reports
  • Vehicles wise Stutent Reports


  • Students Reports
  • Community Wise Students Reports
  • Religion Wise Students Reports
  • Income Wise Students Reports
  • Strength Particulars
  • Class Wise Strength Particulars


  • TC Apply
  • TC Issue
  • TC Issued Report


  • Conduct Certificate
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Bonafide Certificate


The Inventory Management Software module deals with stock availability, maintenance of stock purchases, sundry purchases etc. There are much more features like generation of purchase bill, purchase order, delivery memo, main store issue and return,stock ledger, fast and slow moving items etc. Over the time, users can have annual reports on the consumption and cost factors of the items in inventory.

  • Item Master
  • Supplier Register
  • Purchase Register
  • Stock Issue


  • Stock Overview
  • Stock Report
  • Purchase Report
  • Vendore Wise Purchase Report
  • Stock Issue Report
  • Department Wise Stock Issue Report


The Accounts Management software consist of all accounting needs of the school.The features includes ranging from day books, balance sheet accounts ,schedule balance,transportation expense employees wages calculation,staff salary management, trail balance, income/expense statements, general ledger and also allows to drill-downs from balance sheets to vouchers and automatically manages posting of fees into appropriate accounts heads .

  • Account Year Creation
  • Account Group Creation
  • Bank Account Creation
  • Cash Book Register
  • Bank Book Register


  • Trail Balance
  • Group Summary
  • Account Summary
  • Income & Expenditure
  • Bank Statement
  • Cash Book Statement
  • Cash Book Register Report
  • Bank Book Register Report


The Control panel explains how to manage users and roles in System using the back-end of the Server. As it is user friendly it will be simple and easy to handle.It includes illustrated instructions on all available operations using the Control Panel such as: Creating a User Account, Adding and Editing User Details, Changing the user details of the Current User, Deleting a User. Also, there are details on Creating and Deleting a Role.

  • Create Users: You can create users by the software.
  • User Groups: It can be used among a group of employees in a single time.
  • User Rights: Administration allows an admin to have full control on delegation of authority to the various employees so that their domain of operation may be restricted to their own department only. No employee is able to see/edit/modify the information that is not permitted to his/her role in the organization. This acts as a great Management tool and allows authorities to have direct control over the employees access to the software and to the school’s information resources in general
  • Change Password:Multiple user can use their separate password and also it lets them to change their password

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